Career choices for accounting majors

Thousands of years ago, the language of accounting was simpler but nonetheless applicable in a primitive society that recorded the growth of crops and herds. The job requires a lot of information and data processing, so advanced computer skills will be essential.

MTSU offers a high-quality accounting program that is well respected in the business community. In any field where financial predictions are useful and necessary, economists find themselves in high demand.

What Can I Do With a Bachelor’s in Accounting Degree?

For a global or multi-national corporation, a specialization in international business would be a valuable credential on your resume.

Tax Examiners, Tax Collectors, and Revenue Agents Tax examiners, tax collectors, and revenue agents work for various local, state, and federal agencies.

Political science For those interested in public service, a political science major offers the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue elected, appointed, or agency-level career paths. Master of Health Care Leadership The MHCL program will prepare students for responsible positions of professional leadership in the health care environment.

In smaller companies, on the other hand, the bookkeeping department may handle everything associated with billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll.

Majors & Minors

To become a management analyst, most positions require at least a bachelor's degree. Accountants often establish their own accounting firms. The faculty and staff assembled are passionate, engaging, supportive, and determined to provide students with the skill sets required to fulfill their academic and career goals.

Agent Specializing in Accounting The FBI plays a major role in investigating white-collar crime, which means that the agency hires quite a few accountants. The coursework was developed by leaders in the health care industry and specifically designed to encompass all phases of health care leadership, including acute and long-term care, clinic and hospital management, and home health and hospice agencies.

English and other languages Often unjustly maligned, a degree in English can provide opportunities for employment in a number of lucrative positions, including editing, journalism, public relations and advertising, and commercial writing.

But in large organizations, there may be an entire internal auditing department, and the Auditing Clerk does the nitty-gritty office work of auditing. Knowledgeable in accounting and aware of the global business environment Critical thinkers and problem solvers Competent in technology Effective communicators and team members Aware of ethical ramifications of business decisions.

A number of professional certifications are available to accounting graduates. Most jobs are found in the advertising and commercial fields, but talented graphic designers can find work as animators, product design specialists, creative directors, and webpage designers.

Let Us Get You There. Doctoral students are typically required to complete a dissertation in order to earn their degree. Common courses at this level include: This Way to CPA. Yellow People with yellow styles perform their job responsibilities in a manner that is orderly and planned to meet a known schedule.

Cost accounting is one of these specializations, focused very narrowly on analyzing the costs of producing a product, and the price it needs to be set to make a profit.

The good ones employ Cost Estimators, who use their specialized knowledge of accounting, business, engineering, and mathematics to make plausible estimates of all the costs of a major undertaking.

For example, on high-dollar productions, a production accountant may be on set for the entirety of a shoot, making sure whatever last-minute additions the director wants can be made within budget. In a big corporation, that can mean working with a team, but many tax accountants find it profitable to make their own way.

It is important to note that interest in an activity does not necessarily indicate skill. Several other organizations also have scholarships available to students majoring in accounting. However, to earn a higher salary, getting licensed as a Certified Bookkeeper provides a clear proof of your expertise.

Business administration This degree opens doors throughout the corporate world. You will want to choose a work environment or career path in which your style is welcomed and produces results.

5 Great Career Options for Accounting Majors

Whether working in a corporate accounting office, for a public accounting firm, or as an independent CPA, a tax accountant has to always be on top of changing regulations, quarterly payments and reports, payroll and other employment taxes, and more — not to mention puzzling out ways to limit tax liability for clients.

Very few people make it up to CFO and top level positions. Every accountant, at whatever level, should have a general understanding of basic bookkeeping, in addition to more complex understanding of areas like auditing, payroll, financial reporting, and of course taxes.

Cost Accountant Manager The modern accounting field is defined by its seemingly endless specializations; as business becomes more complex, it takes more specialized professionals to keep track of it all.

Graphic design Artistically-minded students will find ample career opportunities after graduating with a graphic design degree.

Industry accounting offers graduates a chance to pursue managerial accounting, cost accounting or internal auditing careers. Everyone has different ideas of what makes up a good job.


Your interests and work values, as well as your skills, help you narrow down your focus so. Career choices for business degree graduates often align with their specializations. For example, many accounting majors pursue jobs as accountants, while finance majors. Career Defined "A career is a sequence of jobs, each providing skills and experience needed for the next.

In effect, an employer uses part of the extra revenue a worker generates to train him and pay the rest in wages.

40 Top Paying Accounting Jobs

English, Science, Economics, Philosophy, and so many others--Hillsdale's majors and minors prepare for a life's pursuit of meaning, depth, and purpose. The best-paying majors for a career inexpected college graduate salaries, the highest paying industries, and the best jobs for grads.

Internships for Accounting Majors. Internships are a valuable source of training for Accounting majors. Many universities assist upperclassmen with placement in internships so they may gain the experience needed to obtain the career of their choice.

Career choices for accounting majors
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